Where is everyone?? Why are you all so quiet??

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Where is everyone?? Why are you all so quiet??

Postby Mellie » Sun May 16, 2010 10:24 am

I just wanted to pop in and see how you were all going and what you were thinking of the new songs being released atm from both Ed and TGF??

It has taken me ages to find the forum again :lol: it was book marked on my old laptop and since i spilt my hot choc on it a few months back ;) i haven't been able to remember the forum address :oops:

Anyway with a bit of detective work i found you!!

I was going to ask Matt on FB what he thought of TGF songs but we are both friends with CT :mrgreen: so didn't want Chad to see us talking about him on Matts wall :p

So what are you all up too??

I am utd and waiting on the arrival of a bub which is super exciting :D Trying desperately to sell my house.... long long story...otherwise pretty much the same as last time i was here
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