Past Australasian Tours
Tours - Past Tours
  Date      Location     Venue
      Perth     Red Hill Auditorium(supporting Def Leppard)
      Melbourne     The Forum
      Melbourne     Rod Laver Arena (supporting Def Leppard)
      Sydney     Qantas Arena (supporting Def Leppard)
      Perth     Quarry Amphitheatre (private show)
      Perth     Quarry Amphitheatre (private show)
      Perth     Quarry Amphitheatre
      Melbourne     The Hi-Fi
      Sydney     Evererst Theatre
      Sydney     Evererst Theatre
      Brisbane     The Tivoli
      Auckland, NZ     The Tuning Fork
      Brisbane     The Tivoli
      Sydney     The Enmore Theatre
      Melbourne     The Forum
      Melbourne     The Forum
      Adelaide     Her Majesty's Theatre
      Perth     Metro City
      Perth     Metro Fremantle
 06/11/2010      Adelaide     Thebarton Theatre
      Melbourne     The Forum
 02/11/2010      Brisbane     Hi-Fi Bar
      Sydney     Enmore Theatre
 30/10/2010     Newcastle     Newcastle Leagues Club
 28/10/2010      Auckland, NZ
     The Powerstation
 19/08/2009      Sydney     Enmore Theatre
  18/08/2009      Adelaide     Norwood Concert Hall
      Melbourne     Forum Theatre
      Melbourne     Forum Theatre
      Perth     Octagon Theatre
  12/08/2009      Perth     Octagon Theatre
     The Tivoli
     The Tivoli
  24/10/2006      Perth       Challenge Stadium
  23/10/2006      Adelaide     Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  21/10/2006      Brisbane      Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  20/10/2006      Sydney     Sydney Entertainment Centre
  19/10/2006      Newcastle     Newcastle Entertainment Centre
  17/10/2006      Wollongong      Win Entertainment Centre
  15/10/2006      Melbourne      Palais Theatre
  14/10/2006      Melbourne      Palais Theatre
  13/10/2006      Melbourne      Palais Theatre
      Sydney      Triple M Rooftop (Ed solo)
  23/03/2006      Sydney      Seymour Theatre Centre (Ed solo)
  07/12/2004      Perth
      Metro City
  05/12/2004      Adelaide      Thebarton Theatre
  04/12/2004      Melbourne      Rod Laver Arena
  02/12/2004      Brisbane      Brisbane Convention Centre
  01/12/2004      Newcastle
      Newcastle Civic Theatre
  30/11/2004      Sydney      Hordern Pavillion
  16/12/2003      Auckland, NZ     St. James Theatre
  14/12/2003      Melbourne      Rod Laver Arena
  13/12/2003      Melbourne      Rod Laver Arena
  12/12/2003      Adelaide     Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  10/12/2003      Brisbane     Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  09/12/2003      Newcastle     Newcastle Entertainment Centre
  07/12/2003      Canberra      Royal Theatre
  06/12/2003      Sydney     Sydney Entertainment Centre
  05/12/2003      Sydney     Sydney Entertainment Centre
  03/12/2003      Perth      Challenge Stadium
  21/12/2001      Canberra      Royal Theatre
  19/12/2001      Adelaide     Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  18/12/2001      Melbourne      Rod Laver Arena
  17/12/2001      Melbourne      Rod Laver Arena
  15/12/2001      Brisbane     Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  14/12/2001      Newcastle     Newcastle Entertainment Centre
  12/12/2001      Wollongong     Wollongong Entertainment Centre
  11/12/2001      Sydney     Sydney Entertainment Centre
  10/12/2001      Sydney     Sydney Entertainment Centre
 08/12/2001     Auckland     North Shore Event Centre
 07/12/2001     Wellington, NZ
     Queens Wharf Events Centre
 05/12/2001      Christchurch, NZ
     Westpac Trust Centre
  16/03/2000      Perth     Perth Entertainment Centre
  14/03/2000      Adelaide     Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  12/03/2000      Melbourne     Rod Laver Arena
  11/03/2000      Melbourne      Rod Laver Arena
  10/03/2000      Canberra      Royal Theatre
  09/03/2000      Canberra      Royal Theatre
  07/03/2000      Newcastle     Newcastle Entertainment Centre
  06/03/2000      Wollongong     Wollongong Entertainment Centre
  04/03/2000      Sydney     Sydney Entertainment Centre
  03/03/2000      Sydney     Sydney Entertainment Centre
  02/03/2000      Brisbane     Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  29/02/2000      Christchruch, NZ     Westpac Trust Centre
 27/02/2000      Wellington, NZ     Queens Wharf Event Center
 26/02/2000      Auckland, NZ
     North Shore Events Centre
  12/05/1997      Perth     Perth Entertainment Centre
  10/05/1997      Adelaide     Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  09/05/1997      Melbourne      Rod Laver Arena
  08/05/1997      Melbourne     Rod Laver Arena
  06/05/1997      Brisbane     Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  05/05/1997      Newcastle     Newcastle Entertainment Centre
  04/05/1997      Sydney     Sydney Entertainment Centre
  03/05/1997      Sydney     Sydney Entertainment Centre
  01/05/1997      Wellington, NZ
      Queens Wharf Entertainment Centre
 30/04/1997      Auckland, NZ     North Shore Entertainment Centre
      Melbourne      Prince of Wales
  16/04/1995      Melbourne      Olympic Park
  15/04/1995      Sydney      Eastern Creek Raceway
  13/04/1995      Brisbane      Chandler Sports Complex
  12/04/1995      Sydney      Metro Theatre
  11/04/1995      Sydney      Metro Theatre

Current Tour
Tours - Current Tours
Date Location Venue
15/11/2017 Brisbane
17/11/2015 Melbourne
Sidney Myer Music Bowl
18/11/2015 Pokolbin (Hunter Valley)
Roche Estate